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Hair Model

women's hair services

Shampoo, cut and style  from $45.00 

Shampoo and style from $29.00 

Curly cut from $55.00


Wig and topper cut from $70.00 

Updo from $60.00


Flat iron from $20.00


Curling iron from $20.00 

Girls cut under 10  from $20.00


Girls cut 11-15  from  $35.00 



chemical services

*All prices excludes haircut and any service addons

Foils full head  from $95.00 

Foils partial head  from $70.00


Foils and color from $95.00 

Balayage from $140.00 

Color permanent from $50.00 

Color semi-permanent from $40.00 

Perm from $52.00 


Hair Color
Getting a Haircut

mens services

Mens cut and style from $23.00 

Mens clipper cut  from $21.00 

Mens color from $47.00 

Boys cut under 10 from $20.00 

Boys cut 11-15  from $23.00 

Mens camo from $30.00 


mani and pedi

Manicare from $40.00 

Pedicure from $46.00 

Mani and pedicare combo from $90.00 

Regular polish application - 

Toenail bracing from $50.00 

Toenail trim from $30.00 

Gel Dryer

shellac & gel enhancements

Shellac on hands  from $50.00 

Shellac on feet   from $60.00 

Full set of gels  from $75.00 

Gel fill  from $65.00 

Gel overlay from $50.00 

Gel repair from $7.00 

Nail art  from $10.00 

waxing & cosmetic services

Brow wax from $20.00

Lip wax from $14.00 

Lip and chin wax combo from$20.00 

Chin wax from $10.00 

Brow and lip combo  from $26.00 

Lash and brow tint combo from $28.00 

Brow tinting from $15.00 

Lash tint from $18.00 

Dermaplaning facial from $65.00 

Classic facial from $120.00 

Navel Piercing

piercing services

contact us to have more information about our piercing services

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